Purpose of the Best Practices Awards Program

photo of the best practices awardThe purpose of the awards is to publicly recognize extraordinary, innovative and exemplary companies, as well as organizations, service providers and individuals for making positive changes that result in the recruitment, hiring, career advancement and retention of people with disabilities beyond job or legal requirements.

We partner with the Disability Services & Legal Center, Department of Rehabilition and the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa to present the Annual Employer Best Practices Awards. The award categories are:

  • Employer Best Practices Award

    Recognizes small, medium and large companies or organizations for policies and practices that serve as a model for the removal of barriers to employment and career advancement.

  • Individual Initiative Award

    Recognizes an employee with a firm who demonstates initiative in the workplace to remove barriers to career advancement.

  • Service Provider Award
    Recognizes a service provider job development, job seeking skills or job coaching and the leadership necessary to achieve placement of people with disabilities.

Photos of the Best Practices Awards Breakfast

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Best Practices Awards Commemorative Program Booklets

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